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Florida/Georgia MultiFamily Housing/Apartment Construction

October 9th, 2018

There is no doubt, the multifamily housing and apartment living across the southeastern United States is in very high demand in the last decade.”Today, there are more than 43 million renter households across the country — representing about 37% of all households — a figure that has grown at a rate of nearly one million per year since 2010,” according to a recent article in Forbes.

While remaining a lucrative investment, most of today’s new apartment construction consist of luxury apartments. Leaving a deficient in lower and moderate cost units.

The middle income renter looking for affordable, quality multifamily housing.

The Forbes article goes on to say, this opportunity is makes a great opportunity for investors. 
“The affordability challenge presents a unique opportunity for savvy real estate investors looking to strengthen and diversify their portfolios. Restoring and enhancing existing — and often more affordable — rental housing is a compelling strategy that also addresses workforce housing needs. While this market has not historically or typically been a focus for institutional investors, many are beginning to take note of the market.”

“The workforce and multifamily housing market meets an important need for our society and the returns it could yield for investors. Workforce and multifamily housing continues to outperform other property sectors, and generally has the lowest vacancy and turnover rates of all major property types. It also has a history of steady rent growth and high occupancy, and it presents low volatility. These characteristics help protect against the cycle — they yield high ROI in up markets and are comparatively safe even in down markets.”

SWET Construction Group is committed to the development of high quality housing options that benefit the workforce. While creating higher returns for investors, with projects that encourage high occupancy levels and rent growth. We understand the unique challenges this type of projects brings and offer cost effective solutions.

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