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Senior Communities are on the Rise, Renovations & Construction

July 9th, 2018

For the first time, the number of aging Americans will soon outnumber children, according to the recent figures released by the Census Bureau. It is projected that there will be 78 million people age 65 or older by the year 2035.

“Future industry growth will be spurred by the 77 million Baby Boomers planning to retire over the next two decades.  With life expectancy continuing to increase in the U.S., many individuals who retire at 65 will have to decide where to spend the remaining twenty or more years. This is expected to increase demand for assisted living services, and provides an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs,” SBDC Net.

If you are contemplating investing in the senior community, whether it is new construction or renovation of an existing property, it takes top notch experience, teamwork, and communication.

Partnering with SWET Construction Group is the first step towards success, giving your next project an edge over the competition. With over 66 years of combined experience, we build trusting relationships with our clients as well as our network of suppliers.

Simple renovations and new modern design can drastically improve the senior environment and foster wellness. It will also go a long way towards keeping the occupancy rate high.

Incorporating design features such as walk in bathtubs, adjustable cabinets, grab bars and railings that double as a shelf, and no step entry, to blend into the environment. Overcoming any negative preconceptions of senior living.

Fostering wellbeing with fitness and rehabilitation areas which are equipped with heated pools, personal trainers, walking tracks, and spas. Along with community rooms to share hobbies and participate in yoga, to encourage group activities.

It is important to make the community feel welcome and encourage the residents to enjoy the world outside. With the latest technology, amenities, and beautiful scenery with gardens, ponds, outdoor terraces, and walking trails.

SWET Construction Group is a leader in new construction and renovations of Senior living communities. Partnering with us will not only keep your construction costs low while achieving a beautiful architectural design, they will ensure your project is a great success by displaying quality design features to meet the needs of the residents and guests.

Contact SWET Construction for your next project.

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