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Tampa/Orlando MultiFamily Housing Construction/Renovations

January 10th, 2019

The multifamily housing and apartment industry is forecasted to be ‘hot’ in the Sunshine state Meeting the challenges that come with a growth in population, means a great opportunity for investors. 

Florida’s $1 Trillion dollar economy generates a strong demand for rental units

tampa-1627185_192“Orlando’s population growth was 18% over the last and disposable income growth over the last 5 years was an amazing 12.8%.  South Florida’s population hit 6 million for the first time, and Miami Dade hit 2.7 million residents. Tampa Sarasota region was in the top 10 nationally for population growth and Orlando saw 48,000 new residents arrive.” According to the Florida Housing Forecast 2019 by Gord Collins 

The US Census Bureau claims there are nearly 150 people moving to Tampa Bay every day!

Today’s multifamily housing is healthier, smarter and more all-inclusive than ever before. Residence are looking to reduce their energy cost, green building materials, as well as incorporate the latest high-tech device, where they can connect their phone to their home to do just about everything.

SWET Construction Group has the reputation of bringing beautiful communities to life. Modern spacious units built with quality, sustainable materials, interior finishes residents and developers will fall in love with, and incredible amenities such as recreation areas, swimming pool, covered parking, gathering areas, workout facilities, park-like layouts, wireless internet hubs and landscaping.

Whether its new construction or renovation of an existing building, we are there for every step of the way, ensuring each project is on time and budget.

Don’t under-estimate the importance of upgrading and energy efficiency for the building interior and exterior, they can have significant cost savings as well as add to the value of the property.

Upgrading individual units with a stylish modern feel can quickly improve the appearance. Even low-cost upgrades make a big impact. Replacing or resurfacing cabinets and new countertops can freshen and update the look of a kitchen. Out dated styles can make a negative impression.

Renters and guests avoid living spaces with dirty or dingy flooring. Significantly improve the space by adding hardwood flooring, tile or new carpet. This can easily give an up-scale modern feel to the space.

You can’t make a second first impression! Inviting exterior projects such as, new exterior paint or siding, walkways, outdoor living areas, playgrounds, pool area, and landscaping are great investments. Over time wear and tear takes its toll on every property and can make it look shabby.

Whether it is a new construction project or renovating an existing building, SWET Construction Group can help your property stand out from the crowd. Contact SWET Construction Group for your next project.

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