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MultiFamily Construction & Renovations; Avoid These Pitfalls

In Multifamily Executive latest article on the 7 Deadly Sins of Multifamily Construction, avoiding pitfalls and long term problems in apartment buildings, can save you money! 

A solid team and experience matters! 

Whether it is new construction or renovations of an existing building, the experience matters. Cutting corners and improper construction means problems down the road. So does unreasonable schedules, issues with labor and deficiencies in materials. A construction team needs to follow professional practice and standards are vital. 

Properly designed building envelopes 

Multifamily housing should be designed with layers of protective envelopes to reduce premature building failure. Increasing thermal performance, control bulk water, vapor movement and air leakage. Understanding the physics of how air and moisture moves throughout the building creates healthier living environments and construction that endures. 

Properly installed doors and windows

Quality doors and windows, properly installed flashing and sheet metal means there won’t be damage from water intrusions. These leaks can be very destructive, poor construction can lead to mishaps, which  can cause expensive damage and even lawsuits down the road. 

Properly installed siding

Your siding, whether it is stucco, vinyl, wood, cement, aluminum, brick, or rock, have an aesthetic appeal, as well as protect the structural integrity of the building. But when there is even a small a water intrusion, it can quickly lead to deterioration and mold growth.

The article goes on to say, “chemically incompatible sealants and flashing membranes at transitions along building elevations and at window and door locations can cause each other to melt, creating a black goo oozing out onto the exterior cladding surfaces. Homeowners experiencing these conditions just a few years after closing are easy targets for attorneys offering free inspections and tend to sign up for a “no cost” lawsuit against the builder.”

SWET Construction Group uses next generation process and products to produce housing at a reasonable cost. We ensure your project gets off the ground smoothly, remains on budget and is completed on schedule, and with superior quality.



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