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Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Atlanta, Cost Effective Healthcare Construction

When it comes to new construction or renovations of medical buildings in the South Eastern United States,  cost effective solutions are of utmost importance. 

As our healthcare industry evolves with medical breakthroughs, technological developments, and environmental designs, there are several key elements for a successful project.  

The new healthcare community focuses on core care elements. Each design element is engineered to support your building’s lifecycle over the long term. Delivering value and a high return on investment. Supporting your core functions, efficiency of care and building a positive experience not only for the patients and their families, but also for the staff. 

Evidence Based Design for the Long Term

Every medical community wants to be remain useful and sustainable for the demands of the building long term. This entails setting high expectations, a comprehensive design, quality materials and experienced construction work, is what sets SWET Construction Group apart from other companies. 

With our intentional planning your building will flexible enough to accommodate change and adapt to your needs. Incorporating innovative and durable, cost effective solutions, equals the best value. 

SWET Construction Group is Committed to the Evolution of Healthcare Communities

We focus on our clients’ needs and operational value.

We apply Lean Construction concepts and methods to reduce waste.

We bring highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals to your project.

We partner with our clients for a large variety of projects of all types and sizes, often involving specific skills, expertise and resources.

Apply leading edge technology, provide leadership, streamline design to meet the project requirements within budget.

Sustainable and smart building designs

Making our community a healthier place to live starts with smart and green building designs. One that promotes healing,

The first step to a successful healthcare construction project is contacting SWET Construction Group.

Our professionals will show you, examples and discuss options. We are able to work within your budget and will suggest cost saving options for your project. We specialize in Multi-Family, Healthcare, and Hospitality designs, for both interior and exterior projects.

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