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Florida Orlando Hospitality Construction & Renovations

October 16th, 2018

Smart hospitality and hotel construction and design is shaping the future. There is a high demand for authenticity, convenience, personal service, and technology.

“Travelers are always looking for a home away from home, and the tourist industry needs these vacationers to survive. Creating a winning hotel can benefit everybody, and people will return to your retreat time and time again”, Hotel Facilities, Building Design and Construction.

It starts as the visitor approaches the entrance to the property. They want to feel that ‘WOW’ factor, architectural detail and beautiful lighting. Walking into the lobby should be an experience they will remember, with a distinctive sense of place.
Check in should be simple and easy, or not at all. Dynamic digital signage, is a technology that allows visitors to bypass the check in desk altogether and unlock their door with their smart phone. Guests are seeking unique features to personalize their stay and distinguish themselves from competitors

“Of course, there will still be a market for economical places for travelers to spend a night or two, and these properties likely will be slow to adopt new technology. For higher-end hotels and destination resorts, though, there could be a tech arms race in the works.” BDC Network.

The Central Florida hospitality industry is booming. With WalletHub recently naming Orlando #2 for the Most Fun Cities in the U.S.. Tourist are flocking to the area for the world renowned theme parks, attractions, vacation resorts, beautiful beaches, famous golf courses, and amazing weather.

SWET Construction Group understands the unique issues involved in the construction and renovations of the resort and hospitality industry.

We have built scores of luxury hospitality properties in the Southeastern United States. We are just as proud of our renovation projects as we are  about our new construction work. We have earned the reputation of meticulous safety and site management, while staying on budget and minimal disturbance to ongoing operations.

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