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Recent Changes in Construction of Medical Communities

July 17th, 2019

Traditional medical communities were designed to accommodate different types of physicians and groups in similar suites. Today’s newest trend features a “New styles of non-hospital facilities aimed at attracting patients, improving wellness, and saving money. Increasingly, healthcare organizations want to create “medical homes” that foster ongoing relationships and offer a competitive edge,” according to Building Design and Construction.

Whether it is new construction or renovation of an existing property, there is a shift to a leaner, greener, and a more appealing model. 

“Owners are leaning toward buildings that are more flexible, collegial, and diverse. Floor plates are less boxy and are often larger, combining primary care, urgent care, specialty clinics, imaging, a lab, social services, a pharmacy, and sometimes even ambulatory surgery, all under one roof.”

This new design is more aesthetically appealing. Incorporating amenities that serves both the patients and the staff. Such as the new construction of a 137,000 square foot medical community. Featuring 60 specialty physicians with over 90 exam rooms. Including common spaces both outdoor and indoor, with an open air coffee shops and restaurants, healing gardens, and incorporating local themes.

“With women making most healthcare decisions for the family, institutions are choosing materials and finishes that create a spa- or hotel-like feel.”

Also making the list of new trends are sustainability, environmentally friendly, and a reduced life cycle cost of the building. Resource intensive communities are incorporating high efficient HVAC and lighting systems, vehicle charging stations, lockers for bikes, newest technologies, and streamlined floor plans.

“Reducing travel—and, presumably, greenhouse gas emissions—is a less heralded but potentially significant sustainability benefit of placing healthcare facilities closer to patients’ homes and workplaces.”

Improved patient satisfaction by reshaping buildings and revolutionizing care, equals a successful investment. It all starts by partnering with a quality construction group.

As a leader in the industry, SWET Construction Group specializes in cost effective medical communities. We take great pride in taking an integrated approach to design and space planning for positive impacts not only for the building but also for the environment.

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